Meet the grower: Duncan Nicol

Who grows your apples? People like Duncan do! Get Munching South Australia!

Duncan is a fourth-generational grower from Uraidla who was born and raised on his family’s farm.

Duncan’s great-grandfather started the farm in the late 1800s. Today Duncan joins his brother and father at the orchard to grow some of SA’s tastiest varieties; Pink Lady, Gala, Jazz, Envy and Kanzi.

With a two-year-old son and a daughter on the way, he and his wife are excited to raise the next generation of apple growers right here in South Australia!

To Duncan and his family, the consumer is EVERYTHING. “They’re the utmost important thing,” says Duncan.

When Duncan is picking his fruit, he thinks about the joy he’ll bring to consumers all around the state by the sweetness and juiciness of his apples.

“SA apples are exceptional quality. They have a great taste thanks to our growing environments. We’ve got beautiful Autumn weather to make a sweet, juicy apple. We are blessed with the ideal climate to grow exceptional apples,” he says.

For Duncan, the best part about being a grower is both the variety of work and the environment he works in.

“I look around now and it’s a magnificent day with the Autumn colours. I’m breathing fresh air, it’s sunny, it’s calm – it’s just a beautiful place to live and work,” says Duncan.

“The long hours can be challenging at times, but the lifestyle is worth it.”

What does Duncan love most about the SA apple industry?

“We’re like a family,” he says.

“We’re not that big where it’s just numbers; here in the hills you’ve got almost a boutique growing region where everybody’s small enough that you know their name and know what they do and how they operate.

“We probably grow as much in our whole growing region as one grower interstate; as a collective, we have to work together.”

“We grow with a lot of love.”

So get Munching South Australia!

Duncan Nicol

150 Range Road, Uraidla, SA, 5142

P: 0419 852 709

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