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The Apple and Pear Growers Association of South Australia is the main industry body, representing our state’s apple and pear growers since 1977. Our vision is for a sustainable, proactive industry driven by passion, professionalism and collaboration.

Our mission is nurturing, informing, advocating and supporting the South Australian apple and pear industry.

Exclusive week with Maggie Beer

It’s So Easy Peasy with Pears says Maggie!​

Despite being blessed with a 100 year old orchard full of apricots, peaches and apples, South Australian Apple and Pear Growers Association member Maggie Beer says it’s the sheer versatility her humble pear block brings that really gets her excited.

Meet the Maker

Meet the local businesses who are using SA-grown apples and pears in their delicious products that we simply can’t resist!

From brewers and jammers to juicers and bakers, find out why they pick SA-grown produce for their tasty treats.

Meet the Grower

​Get to know your local apple and pear growers!

Learn the ins and outs of what makes SA-grown apples and pears so delicious and unique to this part of the world.

More than ever, Adelaide Hills growers need our support. We encourage you to help make a difference by cutting food waste by purchasing Hailstorm Heroes packs at any local supermarket and green grocer.

The hailstorm damage  means there are small marks on many apples, but these marks do not affect the quality, nutrition or taste.

Find out more about helping our SA apple and pear growers

19 hours ago
MAGGIE BEER’S EASY PEASY PEAR RECIPE: Chocolate and Dried Pear Brownie Pudding🍫🍐Incorporating dried pears with dark chocolate and Dutch cocoa works an absolute treat, plus the kids will 💚 it! #GetMunchingSA #GetYourCrunchOn @maggie_beer #EasyPeasyPears
1 day ago
What does @maggie_beer love about pears? 🍐“The thing about pears is you actually pick them before they ripen and then allow them to ripen, so you can control when you are going to have your pears at the perfect pitch.” #GetMunchingSA #EasyPeasyPears
2 days ago
MAGGIE BEER’S EASY PEASY PEAR RECIPE: Pork Cutlets and Pears in a Pear Cider and Herb Bath 🍺🍐 Combining pears with pork cutlets, herbs and Maggie’s Heritage Pear Cider, this recipe sure shakes things up in the kitchen 👩‍🍳 #GetMunchingSA @maggie_beer
3 days ago
MAGGIE BEER’S EASY PEASY PEAR RECIPE: Dried Pear Tart with Crème Fraiche🥧🍐 With minimal ingredients and a simple method, this winter dessert is perfect if you’re expecting guests but short on time👉 #GetMunchingSA #MaggieBeer #EasyPeasyPears @maggie_beer
3 days ago
It’s easy peasy with pears! Did you see last night’s video with @maggie_beer ? All the secrets to making her delicious crowd pleaser, Baked Brie with Mustard Pears! Here’s the recipe for you to try it at home! 👉 #GetMunchingSA #EasyPeasyPears #MaggieBeer
4 days ago
Watch as @maggie_beer announces an all-rounder ingredient giveaway exclusive to our pear and apple fans! Retweet if you’re a pear lover! #GetMunchingSA #GetYourCrunchOn #EasyPeasyPears #MaggieBeer
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