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Meet the Maker: Lobo Cider

The cider makers with an eye for quality Michael and Warwick are not your average Cider Makers! Michael is the apple grower (a fifth-generational grower, at that!) of his business LOBO Cider, which he co-founded with cider maker Warwick Billings 10 years ago. They create a range of apple and pear ciders, a quince gin …

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Meet the Maker: Ashton Valley Fresh

The Juicers with a goal for good Joyce and Joseph are not your average Juicers!   The brother and sister run the juicing business together. The majority of their juice goes towards cider – their main partner being the Hills Cider Company – and the retailer juices are a fun side-project.  The juicing business was developed once their Dad, Tony recognised a …

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Meet the Maker: Fiaje

The Jammer with a taste for fresh Amanda is not your average Jammer!  Pronounced “fee-ar-sh’ (standing for Fruit In A Jar Experience), Amanda is one half of the local artisan jamming business beside her husband Brett. She makes all her products herself – a range of small batch jams, chutneys, jellies, relishes and preserves that …

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Meet the Maker: Hills Cider

The brewers with a fierce vision. Steve and Toby are not your average Brewers! The pair started the Hills Cider Company in 2010, a vision driven by the desire to source and drink local cider! At the time there was no commercially available ciders made purely from Australian apples and pears. After discovering a love …

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